Total investors 7510 | 1 Stake price = 0.1 TRX | Token ID: 1002423

Tronstake (Stake) token is a long term investment token that more or less works like any other cryptocurrency, it can be used to buy or sell other tokens or goods in the future, as well as exchanged for profit.

There is 2,000,000,000 stake tokens in existence, 1 billion tokens are frozen until 2020 in case the network needed more tokens, the other 1 billion is up for token sale starting from 5/20/2019.

Participating in funding this token will give it value, as well as pay for the smart contract development which will guarantee profit for all holders of the token.

starting price per 1 Stake is 0.1 TRX and the sale is starting by clicking participate at

Our plan is to secure a simulation of cloud mining without wasting energy on hardware, therefor proof-of-stake simulation is the only way to do it, we also want to make sure all holders make high profit, faster at the beginning than it grows harder as more coins are distributed, this will help the price of Stake go higher, and gives more value for holding it in the long term.

Technical information will be shared at January of 2020 as the sale finishes and we deploy the smart contract.