Total investors 7511 | 1 Stake price = 0.1 TRX | Token ID: 1002423

1,000,000 Stake Tokens AirDrop Promotion

It’s easy to take part on this airdrop, all you need to do is join the referral program and get free 1000 Stake tokens worth 100 TRX or around $2 USD worth at current market price, also earn the same for each person you refer.

Make sure your email is correct as we will send an email to everyone to come claim their balance when airdrop is over.

Also this is a great chance to invite your friends and earn 1000 STAKE each, for each friend you refer you earn 1000 STAKE.

Please note cheating and signup with proxies etc will just lead to account deletion before the airdrop, our system will email all the participant before the claim and you will only get paid for real human participants.

Kindly help us by buying some Stake and helping promote this project, together we can grow this project and give it value.

REF-C-ID: 22,819